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As population increases with the increase in Technology, percentage increase of literacy, day by day, yields a lot of increase in Unemployment. The Government is unable to provide jobs for all the Educated Persons .So as Entrepreneurs; we take up a Project KRISHNA POLYMER TECHNOLOGY on Injection Molding and Manufacturing of Moulds, under Self Employment Scheme. For this type of Projects, the Government / Bank provide Financial Assistance. This type of projects will also provide Employment to others.

We assist our Customers in Manufacturing, Designing of Components, and Development of Dies & Moulds for Injection Moulding and we maintain the ISO Standards to keep continuous improvement.

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Today the every Aspect of life, from morning to evening, is related to Injection Molding Components. The Alarm clock, Shower head, Hairbrush, Coffee Machine, Toaster, Toothbrush Computers, Televisions…. – even the buttons on your Blouse or Shirt, are the existence of the current form of Injection Moulding.
In order to have the Setup of Injection Molding, the following
inputs are required –
    Injection Molding Machines, Injection Mould, Raw Material Specialty in Manufacturing Injection Molded Components.
Outside of our homes Injection Molded products are still all around us - the Car, Bus or Train you ride to work, School or College is full of Injection molded components and whatever you do, there is a lot of chance that you spend a large portion of your moment, tapping the Injection Molded keys of an Injection Molded Computer or holding the Injection Molded hand piece of an Injection Molded Phone or writing things down with an Injection Molded Component.