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Plastic Pails

We pioneered the production of low weight tapered pails that were developed using impact grade Polypropylene Copolymer (PPCP) and injection molding machines. These pails are provided with tamper proof lids so as to ensure complete safety against adulteration.The plastic pails are available as straight walled and tapered wall in industrial and food grade quality.

Cosmetics Packaging

We offer a wide array of Cosmetic Packaging solutions such as cosmetics packaging container, cosmetics packaging cap, Flip Top Caps, Hair Oil Bottles, Deodrant Bottle Caps and Powder Containers. With the end solutions designed keeping in mind appeal of the retail customers, we can offer these in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs.

Flip Top Cap

The flip top caps are manufactured using injection molding machines with utmost precision to ensure correct fitment and zero leakage. These caps ensure the dispensing of small amount of liquid as per convenience. As this is a critical component, it needs to be manufactured under stringent quality check.

Deodorant Bottle Cap

Specialized caps are made for deodorants keeping in mind the actionable spray area and also that emission is consistently maintained. We perform various tests to ensure that the spray quality and emission is in no way affected by our caps.

Hair Oil Bottle

The hair oil bottles are available in various sizes, shapes and weights. The bottles are made from graded plastic and ensure retaining the quality of oil for longer period of time. We also collaborate with our clients to design customized medicated hair oil bottles.

Powder Containers

We manufacture both talcum and dusting powder containers in a variety of sizes. The containers are designed keeping in mind the variety of decoration facilities that are available for these products.

Food & Dairy Packaging

Krishna polytech manufactures a wide range of Food & Dairy products with various finish choices that are highly demanded in both domestic and overseas markets. Largely, these are used for meeting the packing requirements of liquid products and are leak free. Parekhplast can offer a variety of add-ons to these products such as tamper evident caps,

Flavoured Milk Bottles

The flavoured milk bottles offered by us are manufactured using monolayer HDPE (high density polyethelyene) in compliance with stringent food industry requirements. These bottles are attractively designed and can withstand temperature upto 120 degrees celsius. The bottles can be sterilized using an auto cleaning machine.

Chemicals & Pesticides Packaging

Chemicals & Pesticides packaging solutions offered by us are developed using latest technological support so ensure precise finished and durable construction. As an ISO certified company, we guarantee the products will be appreciated for the stability and quality. The options offered by us includes Jerry Cans and Electrode Boxes.